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Instructors under Larry Hartsell

All of the Instructors listed on this site are certified directly by Sifu Larry Hartsell himself. They have all trained very hard over a number of years to acheive their ranking. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Frank Burczynski

Senior Full Instructor
Berlin Germany

Ron Kosakowski

Senior Full Instructor
Waterbury USA

Leif T. Røbekk

Senior Full Instructor
Molde Norway .

Tim Becherer

Full Instructor
Santa Monica, California USA

Prof Bono

Full Instructor
San Jose USA

Wes Bennett

Full Instructor
Illinois USA

Tim McFatridge

Full Instructor
Texas USA

Jon Gentile

Full Instructor
Connecticut USA

Christopher Harley

Full Instructor
Oakland, California USA

Mick Shore

Full Instructor
Doncaster England

Morgan Thomas

Assistant Instructor
Pennsylvania USA

Chris Brown

Full Instructor
Oldham UK

Jason Silverman

Full Instructor
New Jersey USA

Robert Brooks

Full Instructor
North Carolina USA

Paul Irish

Full Instructor
Ontario Canada

Cory Smith

Full Instructor
Texas USA

George Fitzgerald

Full Instructor
London UK


Photo Gallery

  • Larry Hartsell poses with his representative in Norway, Leif T. Robekk.

  • Sifu Larry and his long time student relaxing after a seminar.

  • Sifu Larry gives a demonstration with Leif T. Robekk. From a seminar in the 1990's.

Larry's Quotes

  • "I always encourage students to attend any seminars they want. When it comes to knowledge, you owe allegiance only to yourself."
  • "The Jeet Kune Do principles apply to grappling when I think of the Attack by Drawing [principle], where you deliberately see an opening for the person to come in so you can counter..."

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