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Larry Hartsell Martial Arts

This organization intends to preserve Larry Hartsell's Jeet Kune Do, Integrated Grappling Arts, and his teaching of Lameco Eskrima. All ranges of JKD/Combat will be taught, but the emphasis will be on entering to trapping to grappling.

Sifu Larry's original curriculum contains 6 levels and many of us utilize the same ranking structure. The first three ranks are "student" ranks while the last three are instructor ranks. Each level is based on one year of training.

Many of Sifu Larry's instructors still use his old curriculum. In order to test for rank, you will need to seek out a qualified instructor. You'll required to train hard over a good period of time and conduct a thorough rank test.

The levels in the Larry Hartsell Original Instructor Group are:

• Beginning Student
• Intermediate Student
• Advanced Student

• Apprentice Instructor
• Associate Instructor
• Full Instructor

Photo Gallery

  • Larry Hartsell poses with his representative in Norway, Leif T. Robekk.

  • Sifu Larry and his long time student relaxing after a seminar.

  • Sifu Larry gives a demonstration with Leif T. Robekk. From a seminar in the 1990's.

Larry's Quotes

  • "I always encourage students to attend any seminars they want. When it comes to knowledge, you owe allegiance only to yourself."
  • "The Jeet Kune Do principles apply to grappling when I think of the Attack by Drawing [principle], where you deliberately see an opening for the person to come in so you can counter..."

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